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Skipperville Pageant Program Ads

I am very excited to share Reese and Meredith’s official pageant program ads for the Miss National Peanut Festival Pageant. Designing ads is so much fun when you have beautiful photos to work with by talented photographers like Studio EnVogue and Cinda McLendon. Good Luck to both girls in the pageant. You have already made Skipperville so proud!

Pageant Buttons and Gift Tags for Peanut Contestants

There is nothing more fun than a group of family members or friends wearing over-sized buttons with your face on it. ‪#‎PageantButtons‬ are a great way to show your support for a contestant. I have had the pleasure of doing several buttons for the 2016 Little Miss & Miss National Peanut Festival Contestants.

I also did Little Miss Barbour County, Little Miss Skipperville, and Little Miss Henry County’s gift tags for their contestant gifts to each contestant.

Contact me today to order your pageant buttons.

Eagle Eye Columbia PFG

Eagle Eye’s billboard game is strong with this one. With Spring and Summer rolling into the south, it was time to change EEO’s famous billboard location at Chick-fil-a Dothan. We’ve seen so many excellent billboards go up at this Durden location for Eagle Eye and this one is just another one to add to that long list. The four local models are Wiregrass Locals sporting the classic Columbia PFG Fishing Shirt. Men and Women love this shirt alike and the color selection is off the charts.

Eagle Eye Columbia  PFG Billboard

Eagle Eye Columbia PFG Billboard

Melissa + Truett’s Wedding Invitation Suite

Melissa and Truett’s invitations are one of my favorites I’ve designed thus far. They are a combination of rustic edges and classy lines. The water color, snow capped mountains and trees set the tone for their Idaho winter wedding. Guests could imagine the amazing event that was to come. The Wedding Invitation suite included a woodgrain card pocket, invitation, directions card, RSVP postcard, accommodations cards, wax seal, and calligraphy addressed soft blue envelops.

We also created a funny, cheeky wedding program that matched the invitation design. It was complete with the bridal party’s information, the order of events, a thank you note to guests, and their official hashtag – #hitchedhickams.

Design & Calligraphy by: Kelley Johnson
Printing by: Cards & Pockets
Photo by:

Choo Choo Benjamin is 2



Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Chugga, Choo, Choo, Benjamin is Turning 2! All aboard!

Rachel Blackmon of course knows how to throw the best party for her 2 year old son, Benjamin. He just loves trains and at the moment dreams of becoming a conductor. Rachel and her husband Brennan took Benjamin to a near by rail road track to have this adorable picture taken on an old rusty train. What better way to compliment his train themed birthday party invitation. Choo Choo!

New Beautiful Image by Studio EnVogue

BeforeAfter-Raley-StudioEnVogueI recently had the pleasure or retouching a picture for Studio EnVogue Client – Raley Paisbe. This beautiful picture was captured by the very talented Cindi McDaniel of Studio EnVogue Photography in Dothan, Alabama.

New Retouching for David Parker

I thought I’d share a few retouched images I’ve done lately of David Parker photos.

If you need your image retouched fill out the form below:

Eagle Eye Spring Catalog Design

Designing for Eagle Eye is always such a fun adventure! For the first time, we tackled the vendor catalog all by ourselves. We reached out to each vendor for their advertisement. The vendors had the option to submit an ad from their art department or use EEO’s in-house designer, Me! I created the above designs and we had them approved by each individual vendor. The full catalog turned out so beautiful. You can pick one up at the store or sign up on Eagle Eyes Website to have future catalog’s emailed to your home. I always love working on projects like this with Mrs Susan and the Eagle Eye Team. Check back for more fun projects to come.

My Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

A beautiful little baby will be here soon and for celebration, we threw a pumpkin themed baby shower. This fall themed baby shower was full of – you guessed it – Little Pumpkins! Pumpkins were everywhere, big and small. The 5×7 Invitation was wrapped in a wood grain belly band that was adorned with an orange glittered pumpkin. The orange envelopes were hand written in white ink, calligraphy style. The printable games and picture frame prints also matched the invitations.

Look for my invitation on my etsy store next fall.

New Billboards for Eagle Eye Outfitters

Eagle Eye Outfitters (EEO) partnered with Durden Outdoor and myself to showcase some amazing brands they carry in their Dothan, Alabama Location. Eagle Eye is Dothan’s local department store carrying everything from men’s to children’s clothing and from outdoor enthusiasts to fashion lovers. If you are looking for something special, you probably can find it at Eagle Eye. As a former employee of Durden Outdoor, creating designs for Eagle Eye was no new task. Prior to leaving Durden, I had designed several billboards for EEO over my two years with the company. I love being able to ‘go big, or go home” which is something Durden Outdoor always encourages. They are southeast Alabama’s leading billboard company and have perfect locations to showcase our Eagle Eye’s advertisements.

When designing for Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, you must remember that your audience is viewing the design from at least 300 feet away and driving by at approximate speeds of 35-55 mph. You only have about 5-7 seconds to get your message across. Simplicity is key. Cluttering the billboard with too much information will overwhelm the reader and they will not be able to process the message. Bold saturated colors draw attention while soft pastels can be easily over looked. When choosing fonts for OOH, advertising thick, bold, and simple are what you should look for. Decorative fonts can be hard to read from a distance. Overall, the key is big, bold and bright – and that is what we did with Eagle Eye’s Fall/Winter billboards.

Eagle Eye has added Southern Tide to their family of over 200 brands in store. Southern Tide was founded by Allen Stephenson, 23. The brand has blossomed over the past years. The success stemming from their first product – the Skipjack polo. After several requests from EEO patrons to carry their clothing line, they now have landed a big fish! Eagle Eye carries the area’s largest selection of Southern Tide and what better way to say that than a very large fish on a very large billboard. This billboard features the Southern Tide Skipjack Icon which extends three fins off the top of the billboard.

Southern Shirt Company and Southern Point Company are also two newer brands introduced at Eagle Eye over the past months. I guess you could say EEO is your “Southern” Shirt Headquarters since they carry so many different southern brands’ t-shirt lines. Both Southern Point Co. and Southern Shirt Co. have new fall shirts in-stock. You should check out the inventory to see what southern brand is your favorite – there are several to choose from. 

Pageant Buttons for NPF Contestants

There is nothing cuter than a group of family members or friends wearing over-sized buttons with your face on it. ‪#‎PageantButtons‬ are a great way to show your support for a contestant. I have had the pleasure of doing several buttons for this years National Peanut Festival Contestants.

Round or Rectangle Buttons are printed in full color with full bleed on durable material with a celluloid protective coating and safety pin back. Buttons are available in 8 different size in quantities starting at 100 and increasing.

For pricing or to order, click here.


Photo credits: David Parker, Studio Envogue, & Wendy Jones

Designs for Mrs., Miss, & Miss Teen International® 2015

The Mrs., Miss, & Miss Teen International® System has established itself as an organization with integrity, high ethical standards, and consistent application of its rules and regulations. It promotes today’s women and their accomplishments from around the United States and the world. The contestants have found this system to be an opportunity to become positive role models by showcasing their community service and further promoting others to join their efforts to positively impact their communities.

This year, I had the wonderful opportunity of working with two Mrs. contestants, one Miss contestant, and one Miss Teen contestant.

As a sponsor for the Alabama International Pageant, I donated 100 1-sided comp cards (also known as autograph cards) to the winner of the Teen Miss Alabama International® pageant. Abbey Closson, of Dothan, was this year’s Miss Teen Alabama International®. She placed 2nd-runner up at Miss Teen International®. Her card was designed using her official head shot taken by Clay Spann Photography.

Victoria Ward was named Miss Florida International® earlier this year. She requested a bright and beautiful platform page to show off her accomplishments and facts about a cause close to her heart, The Dyslexia Foundation. Her platform page was also designed with her official head shot taken by Clay Spann Photography.

Alegra Woodard, Mrs. District of Columbia International®, contacted me through my website regarding designing a complete package for her. We worked together on her platform page that showcased her personal platform, the National Cervical Cancer Coalition. As a survivor, she was able to create an outlet, provide support, and speak directly from the heart to women of all walks of life about the effects of cervical cancer. Alegra’s official program book ad page was created to showcase her platform and thank her many sponsors for their support. During the Week of Mrs. International®, she used her comp cards at appearances while visiting the city of Jacksonville, Florida.

Mrs. Delaware International®, Cara Miller, also contacted me through my website about designing her platform page and comp card. She has spent her year as Mrs. Delaware International®  promoting melanoma and skin cancer awareness.  Her platform page tells her story of how melanoma has affected her life and why she is passionate about preventing others from too much sun exposure. Cara’s comp card was used to sign autograph cards at appearances, however, it also doubles as a tip sheet on how to prevent melanoma and skin cancer. Both Cara’s comp card and platform page were designed using images taken by Clay Spann Photography.

If you are interested in having a comp card, platform page, or program book ad designed for your next upcoming pageant or event, please contact me today.

Eagle Eye’s 2015 Summer Catalog

EEO-Summer15Every catalog I design is unique. I choose not to employ any type of “cookie cutter” approach to anything I do and never apply standard design templates and layouts to projects. Working with Eagle Eye Outfitters (EEO) on their second catalog was very exciting and I wanted it to have a very different vibe from their winter catalog. I was able to dive further into the design process with a great team of people. The design process began with a flight to Dothan, AL to plan, organize, and strategize in preparation for the summer catalog. We had a local casting call while I was in town and our team gathered much local talent. We were absolutely blown away by the caliber of people that attended our casting call. After returning  to Virginia, I began planning the direction in which I wanted the art to work for EEO. Jennifer Blair Photography spent a few short weeks taking some truly amazing photos before sending them to me for selection. From that point, it was a matter of combining the catalog items, photography, and copywriting into a unique design.

View the Catalog

If you are in need of a catalog, program, or book design please contact me here.

Alabama Woodlands

GOOD LUCK to the Alabama Woodlands Pageant Contestants who elected me to design their official program ads! The Alabama Woodlands pageant system celebrates Alabama’s number one industry while promoting self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness, and the importance of education in today’s young women.

Natural Photo Retouching – Kayla


I have known Kayla since she has been competing in pageants. I was there when she won Little Miss Midland City. And I watched her compete in that beautiful velvet heirloom on the civic center stage for Little Miss Peanut. Now she is a teenager headed to compete in her first Teen Miss Pageant. I just wanted to cry when Karen sent me this beautiful picture by David Parker. I could barely believe it was the same little Kayla. Good Luck, Kayla, in your next pageant and all that you do! Thanks for letting me retouch your image. Above is her before and after of the retouching. We kept it light on the eye makeup since she is still on the younger end of TEEN.

For pricing and more information on retouching photos, pageant ads, platform pages, or autograph cards please contact me here.

Natural Retouching – Jordyn


Pageant Girls aren’t the only ones who need photogenic images retouched!

Above is the beautiful and talented Jordyn. She is a competitive dancer and needed a new photogenic image for her next dance competition. If you aren’t familiar with the sport, most dance competitions will require you to turn in a 8×10 or 5×7 headshot with your paperwork. Jordyn’s photo was taken by David Parker and her hair and makeup was done by DeeDee Morris.

Best of Luck Jordyn!

Natural Retouching – Jaycee



I love enhancing already stunning pictures! The beautiful photogenic face you see above is Jaycee. Yesterday she had her pictures taken with David Parker Photography. Her hair and makeup was done by the talented DeeDee Morris. Jaycee’s Mom, Chalice, emailed me their favorite image last night to retouch. They needed a quick turn around for an upcoming pageant next weekend and I was very happy to oblige.

Love it!!! Thanks so much!!! – Chalice

Best of Luck in your pageant Jaycee! Thank your for allowing me to retouch your images.

Natural Photo Retouching – Ella Grace

Heather, Elle Grace’s Mom, emailed me to have her daughters new pictures retouched for an upcoming pageant. The photo was taken by David Parker Photography with hair and makeup by DeeDee Morris. The below gif flips back and forth from the untouched to the retouched.


Natural Photo Retouching – Holley

Allyssa, Holley’s Mom, emailed me to have her daughters new pictures retouched for an upcoming pageant. The photo was taken by David Parker Photography with hair and makeup by DeeDee Morris. The below gifs flip back and forth from the untouched to the  retouched.




If your interested in having your photo retouched please contact me.

Stephanie’s Program Ad for Miss California International

Good Luck to Stephanie Behring who will be competing in the 2015 Miss California International Pageant. Stephanie’s platform of choice is the Wheelchair Foundation. This black and white, 8.5 x 11 ad was designed for the Official California International Pageant Program book. Photo by Southern Exposure Photography.

If you are in need of a professionally designed pageant program ad for your next pageant please contact me.

Stephanie Program Ad

Patty Piatt’s Platform Page

PattyPiatt-PlatformPage Patty Piatt contacted me through my website about designing her platform page for the Mrs. Pennsylvania International competition which will be held on March 14, 2015 the Jaffa Shrine Center in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Patty will be representing her home town of Beaver, Pennsylvania in this year’s competition.

We worked together to design a platform page based around her chosen platform, GLADNEY CENTER FOR ADOPTION. 

For more than 125 years, GLADNEY CENTER FOR ADOPTION has been a pioneer and leading voice for improving the lives of children, adoptive families and birth parents, creating the adoption “TRIAD.”  Each point of the triangle represents each one, the heart encompasses their love. Gladney believes that each adoption, like each family, is unique. Choosing  adoption is a life long journey. With unwavering commitment, Gladney has focused on our mission and is making a difference in the lives of birth parents, adoptive families and children here in the United States and around the world. 

I designed her platform page based on the detailed content and pictures she sent to me. Her platform inspired me to create something that was not just aesthetically appealing but also had significant meaning like her story of adoption. Her growing family reminded me of a “family tree” which is why I chose vector tree leaves to create each element.

In 1960, Patty’s mom was facing an unplanned pregnancy. With little support and lack of finances to raise a child, she made the most selfless decision to place her baby girl for adoption. She didn’t know for many years if her baby was loved, safe and happy. Fast forward 48 years to 2008. This was the year Todd and Patty started their life long journey of adoption. The process of adoption has evolved over the years, and in many domestic adoptions, birth parents can choose the adoptive parents. In 2010 “Aimee” chose them! Their lives changed forever. They are very thankful and blessed to have their precious Gianna Rose! Their birth mom knows Gianna is loved, safe and happy. Patty’s mom did find out many years later that her baby was placed with a loving family. The Piatt’s feel that the selfless decision Patty’s mom made many years ago for the benefit of her child, is the main reason their family is now complete. 

As Patty vies for the Mrs. Pennsylvania International crown she hopes to continue to be an Ambassador for the Gladney Family Association to heighten awareness of the “option of adoption” both domestically and internationally. Represent the international pageant community at the Annual Gladney Leadership Retreat in Fort Worth, Texas where she has the opportunity to strengthen our connection and learn additional skills within the adoption process. Finally she will continue to be a “PAL” (Personal Adoption Liaison) leader with Gladney Family Association, offering support and guidance for waiting adoptive families.

I wish you the best of Luck Patty! You have a truly wonderful story to share. 


Pageant Questions, Answered: 

What is a platform?
A platform is a cause or issue that is near or dear to your heart. Usually each contestant in the in a pageant will select a platform which she will spend the year promoting if selected as the Queen. There is no right or wrong platform, as long as it’s an issue that you are passionate about.

What is a platform page?
The judges are usually given your platform page before your interview. The platform page will be the first chance for you to share a glimpse of yourself, your platform dedication, and your plan as a titleholder before you are actually sitting in front of the judges. It is imperative that it is well organized, error free, and speaks directly to your persona. Essentially, it is who you are in paper form.

What content should be in a platform page?
There are 2 main elements of a platform page. (1) Your head shot, (2) Copy about you and your platform dedication. You may also include (3) action shots of you at events related to your platform and (4) bullet style facts that the judges should need to know about you and your platform.

What size is a platform page?
Usually 8.5 x 11. In most pageants the judges will not be able to see the back of your platform page.

Eagle Eye Christmas Catalog

Creating a catalog design is more than just creating a compilation of colorful pages for consumers to flick through. The purpose of a retail catalog is to give a general idea of the product or services the company is offering. Catalogs are like the tiny books or magazines, yet are very powerful. A catalog design needs to be innovative and charismatic enough to grab the attention of potential buyers and users.

Eagle Eye Owner, Susan Anderson, asked me to help her create a vintage outdoor inspired Christmas Gift Guide to send out to her retail customers. This 24-page outdoor catalog was designed to have continuity through out the entire book. Christmas touches were added with snowflakes, holly, and the overall coloring/feel. With the help of photographer Jennifer Blair and several local models we were able to pull off some truly amazing images to display inside the catalog.

Watch for a copy to arrive in your mail box soon or you can pick up a copy in store!


Eagle Eye Catalog Magazine

Click Here to View

Miss Tri-State Pageant Ads

The 2015 Miss Tri-State pageant will be January 24th & 25th in Ozark, Alabama.  The Miss Tri-State Pageant Program provides contestants from Alabama, Georgia and Florida an opportunity to not only compete for the title of Miss Tri-State, but to embark on a year long experience.

I was tasked by these beautiful contestants to design their program book ad for the 2015 Official Miss Tri-State Program Magazine.  Each young lady will be representing her hometown/area at the 2015 pageant in less than 2 months. I wish you all good luck at the pageant!

The Miss Tri-State Ad deadline is Monday, December 1, 2014. For your design or pageant ad pricing please email

(Click Images to View Full Ad Design)

Shelby Tri-State Pageant Ad

Shelby, Teen Miss Enterprise Tri-State

Carissa Tri-State Pageant Ad

Carissa, Miss Wiregrass Tri-State

Raine Tri-State Pageant Ad

Raine, Teen Miss Wiregrass Tri-State

Loghan Tri-State Pageant Ad

Loghan, Teen Miss Skipperville Tri-State

kaitlyn Tri-State Pageant Ad

Kaitlyn, Miss River Region Tri-State


Kenzie, Tiny Miss Dothan Tri-State

Kenzie, Tiny Miss Dothan Tri-State

Heather Tri-State Pageant Ad

Heather, Miss Southeast Tri-State

AnnaBelle, Little Miss Coffee County Tri-State

AnnaBelle, Little Miss Coffee County Tri-State

Savannah Tri-State Pageant Ad

Savannah, Teen Miss South Alabama Tri-State

Miss Alabama Teen USA Program ADs

The beautiful Hannah Carroll, of Hartford, reached out to me to design her program ads for the upcoming Miss Alabama Teen USA Pageant in Montgomery, Alabama. Having been a previous competitor of the Alabama USA system I was very excited to have the opportunity to showcase some of my design work in this years program.

After Hannah had her photogenic shoot with the talented Frank Carnaggio of Birmingham, Alabama she emailed me her favorite photos chosen from the manny poses and images Frank took of her. From there we collaborated on which pictures and designs would go with each advertisement. The rest is the product you see here.

I wish Hannah the best of luck as she competes for the title of Miss Alabama Teen USA 2015 on November 14th in Montgomery, Alabama. And thank you for choosing me to design your pageant program ads!



Pageant Program Book Ads for Mrs & Miss Teen AL International

In honor of the 2014 Mrs International Pageant & 2014 Miss Teen International Pageant coming up in the next few weeks, I wanted to share two pageant program ads I had the opportunity to design for Mrs Alabama International & Miss Teen Alabama International.

Robin & Lenze needed last minute designs to turn into the Mrs International office. She called me from Dothan, Alabama and told me what she needed. After she sent me the photos by Clay Spann, I designed the ad (here in Virginia) then emailed the two proofs back for her and Lenze to approve. After a few changes and the final approval I prepped the files, burned them to a CD, and mailed them to the Mrs International office from home. We were able to complete the entire process within a few short hours in one day. It was easy as 1-2-3.

Robin & Lenze both utilized their ads to promote the Relay for Life: American Cancer Society, an organization near and dear to their hearts. As Mrs Alabama International & Miss Teen Alabama they each have to support a national platform for their entire reign. You can follow their year of support on their Facebook pages, Mrs & Miss Teen.

Black & White Full Page (7.5 x 10) Ad for Mrs Alabama International 2014, Robin Thagard

Robin will be competing on July 25th & 26th for the title of Mrs International along side 63 other Mrs contestants from around the US and World wide. The focus behind Mrs International is to showcase married women from the ages 21 to 56. Husbands are also involved in supporting their wives through out the year, escorting their wives in the final evening gown competition, and the crowning.


Lenze will be competing, just one week after her mother, on August 1st & 2nd for the title of Miss Teen International along side 38 other Miss Teen contestants from around the US and World wide. The focus behind Miss Teen International is to showcase teens from the ages 13 to 18.

Robin & Lenze: I wish both of you the best of luck at the international pageant competition! You have already made your home state of Alabama so proud by being great role models in your communities and supporting such a wonderful cause like the American Cancer Society.

#mrsinternational #missteenintl #missinternational #bamaforthewin #intlpageants

If you are interested in a quote for your next program book ad or platform page, please contact me today!



A simple and effective blog design

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Discovering Vancouver

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Eagle Eye Game Day Ad

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.22.34 AM Eagle Eye Outfitters, of Dothan, needed an ad for Dothan Magazines Game Day Issue. They wanted to showcase the great threads and accessories you could buy at their store to match your school colors. In this ad you can see they carry a large amount of game day dresses and Polos to go with all the local area high schools.


Eagle Eye Direct Mail for Father’s Day


This Eagle Eye Outfitters direct mail piece was created specifically for Father’s Day. It was directed to the Dad’s of the Wiregrass. Eagle Eye was having great Father’s Day deals on Patagonia, Coasta, Keen, & Columbia that they didn’t want any Father to miss out on.
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.03.54 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.04.12 PM

Summer & Jakes Wedding Invitations


Summer & Jake Glover wanted a wedding invitation that would represent the style of their wedding. It was going to be a modern formal military wedding with silver & red touches.

Pocket Invites neatly fit all of your ensemble items inside their pocket folds. The Glover’s picked a Red Signature Pocket to have a bright pop of color.  The pocket on the right allowed for function and fashion. We were able to organize and coordinate their additional enclosure cards perfectly inside the pocket.

The enclosure cards add harmony and depth to the entire invitation. In the Glovers enclosures we included a RSVP Card & Envelope, an accommodations card, a registry card, and a reception card. We were able to personalize each enclosure card to match the invitation and overall feel of the wedding with creative wording.

To fasten the outside, we used red wax & stamped with a “G” seal.  We were able to use the pocket fold as the inner envelope and personalized the guest name on the outside. We then placed the invitation in a silver shimmer envelope and completed it with the mailing and return address.

Portfolios & Presentation Binders

pageant portfolioDo you need a Portfolio or Biography Presentation for your next pageant interview? Well look no further. Portfolios are judged on content and creativity! You provide the content and I’ll provide the creativity in a sleek and sophisticated bound book.

Assembling a pageant portfolio is one of the most important things you can do to make yourself look like an experienced professional. It is the first thing the judges see before meeting you. And effective pageant portfolio should be a well rounded presentation of the work you’ve done, showcasing your accomplishments as well as your interests.

Pageants are not the only places you may need a portfolio. Your portfolio could also be directed towards casting calls, dance competitions, talent scouts, employee prospects, or modeling agencies.

Please contact me for pricing.

A FAMOUS Christmas at Durden

The FAMOUS MAKERS Christmas Card was really a pleasure to create this year. I will say that I am not a professional photographer, but I am very proud of all 11 of the photos I took (Martin took mine). Each member of the Durden Team dressed in (some version of) blue and used Christmas/ props. The white card they held, while blank during the photoshoot, gained a letter during the design process.  After cutting out everyone from their background and finding the perfect placement and color square the end result is what you see below.



New Tactical Tube

The new QueaseEASE Military tactical tube is in development.

QueaseEASE Package Design

QueaseEASE is a drug-free, all natural product consisting of a unique blend of pure essential oils. It was formulated to calm the queasiness associated with surgery and anesthesia and is also beneficial for soothing motion sickness, morning sickness and chemotherapy related nausea. The user simply takes a few deep breaths of the aroma for immediate relief.

Roy (President of Operations) came to me requesting a package design for his multiple product shipping to hospitals. So far we have developed 3 similar boxes. A tube box for the QueaseEASE tube inhaler, a quickie box for the smaller one-time use inhalers, and a sample box (not pictured).

Miles of Flowers Logo Design

Hey Dothan! We have gained a fabulous new flower & gift shop.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to design the Miles of Flowers logo for Jeffrey Miles of Dothan, Alabama. Miles of Flowers is located on Hwy 84W next to Bishop’s. The have all your flower & gift needs for the residents of the Wiregrass. Be sure to book you wedding flowers in advance because Miles of Flowers weekends go fast. You can order online at

Hello World!

Welcome to my personal website. I am a Graphic Designer currently living in Dothan, Alabama. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Troy University in May 2010 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in <DTI> Design, Technology, and Innovation (a fancy way of saying graphic design). I also acquired a hybrid major in advertising.


Continue to check back for updated posts & photos!