Pageant Prints

When it comes to pageants it is easy to become a little overwhelmed with all the details whether you are a director or a contestant. Let me lighten your load this pageant season, by providing you with a professionally designed pageant needs. Below is just a tiny preview of ads that I’ve created.

Design For Pageant Directors
Are you too busy to sit down a create a professional looking program that your pageant deserves? I can help with that! I have created several program books for pageants and for fashion events. Forms, scoring sheets & scoring systems give you a headache? Tell me the percentages you’d like to base a winner on and I can produce the paperwork you need. 

  • Professional Program Book Design
  • Pageant Website Design
  • Pageant Forms
  • Pageant Scoring System
  • Pageant Logo Design

Design For Contestants/Pageant Moms
First Impressions are shown to be very hard to change. At most pageants the first impression happens before the judges have met you, from your Contestant page, protfolio, or ad. Stand out from the rest with a professional image.

  • Professional Pageant Program Ad Design
  • Contestants Pageant Platform Page Design
  • Contestant Portfolio Design
  • Contestant Paperwork
  • Contestant Blog-Site Design
  • Walking Lessons
  • Sign/Comp Cards
  • Buttons
  • Banners
  • T-shirts
  • Fans
  • Business Cards

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