Pageant Platform Page

What is a platform?
A platform is a cause or issue that is near or dear to your heart. Each contestant in the pageant will select a platform which she will spend the year promoting if selected as a winner of the pageant. There is no right or wrong platform, as long as it’s an issue that you are passionate about.

What is a platform page?
Typically, the judges are given your bio and platform page well before your interview. The platform page is the first chance for you to share a glimpse of yourself, your platform dedication, and your plan as a titleholder before you are actually sitting in front of the judges. It is imperative that it is well organized, error free, and speaks directly to your persona. Essentially, it is who you are in paper form.

What content should be in a platform page?
Usually, there are two main elements of a platform page.

  1. Your head shot
  2. Copy about you and your platform dedication.

Sometimes contestants like to include action shots of them at events related to their platform or bullet style facts that the judges should need to know about them and their platform.

What size is a platform page?
Generally, a platform page is 8.5 x 11. Most Directors require you to only print on the front side of your platform page and also ask that you do not decorate it with physical scrapbook like items that could fall off or inhibit the page.

Can you design my platform page?
Yes! I’d love to help create a one-of-a-kind platform page for you. Click here to get started.

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