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Eagle Eye Columbia PFG

Eagle Eye’s billboard game is strong with this one. With Spring and Summer rolling into the south, it was time to change EEO’s famous billboard location at Chick-fil-a Dothan. We’ve seen so many excellent billboards go up at this Durden location for Eagle Eye and this one is just another one to add to that long list. The four local models are Wiregrass Locals sporting the classic Columbia PFG Fishing Shirt. Men and Women love this shirt alike and the color selection is off the charts.

Eagle Eye Columbia  PFG Billboard

Eagle Eye Columbia PFG Billboard

Eagle Eye Spring Catalog Design

Designing for Eagle Eye is always such a fun adventure! For the first time, we tackled the vendor catalog all by ourselves. We reached out to each vendor for their advertisement. The vendors had the option to submit an ad from their art department or use EEO’s in-house designer, Me! I created the above designs and we had them approved by each individual vendor. The full catalog turned out so beautiful. You can pick one up at the store or sign up on Eagle Eyes Website to have future catalog’s emailed to your home. I always love working on projects like this with Mrs Susan and the Eagle Eye Team. Check back for more fun projects to come.

New Billboards for Eagle Eye Outfitters

Eagle Eye Outfitters (EEO) partnered with Durden Outdoor and myself to showcase some amazing brands they carry in their Dothan, Alabama Location. Eagle Eye is Dothan’s local department store carrying everything from men’s to children’s clothing and from outdoor enthusiasts to fashion lovers. If you are looking for something special, you probably can find it at Eagle Eye. As a former employee of Durden Outdoor, creating designs for Eagle Eye was no new task. Prior to leaving Durden, I had designed several billboards for EEO over my two years with the company. I love being able to ‘go big, or go home” which is something Durden Outdoor always encourages. They are southeast Alabama’s leading billboard company and have perfect locations to showcase our Eagle Eye’s advertisements.

When designing for Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising, you must remember that your audience is viewing the design from at least 300 feet away and driving by at approximate speeds of 35-55 mph. You only have about 5-7 seconds to get your message across. Simplicity is key. Cluttering the billboard with too much information will overwhelm the reader and they will not be able to process the message. Bold saturated colors draw attention while soft pastels can be easily over looked. When choosing fonts for OOH, advertising thick, bold, and simple are what you should look for. Decorative fonts can be hard to read from a distance. Overall, the key is big, bold and bright – and that is what we did with Eagle Eye’s Fall/Winter billboards.

Eagle Eye has added Southern Tide to their family of over 200 brands in store. Southern Tide was founded by Allen Stephenson, 23. The brand has blossomed over the past years. The success stemming from their first product – the Skipjack polo. After several requests from EEO patrons to carry their clothing line, they now have landed a big fish! Eagle Eye carries the area’s largest selection of Southern Tide and what better way to say that than a very large fish on a very large billboard. This billboard features the Southern Tide Skipjack Icon which extends three fins off the top of the billboard.

Southern Shirt Company and Southern Point Company are also two newer brands introduced at Eagle Eye over the past months. I guess you could say EEO is your “Southern” Shirt Headquarters since they carry so many different southern brands’ t-shirt lines. Both Southern Point Co. and Southern Shirt Co. have new fall shirts in-stock. You should check out the inventory to see what southern brand is your favorite – there are several to choose from. 

Eagle Eye’s 2015 Summer Catalog

EEO-Summer15Every catalog I design is unique. I choose not to employ any type of “cookie cutter” approach to anything I do and never apply standard design templates and layouts to projects. Working with Eagle Eye Outfitters (EEO) on their second catalog was very exciting and I wanted it to have a very different vibe from their winter catalog. I was able to dive further into the design process with a great team of people. The design process began with a flight to Dothan, AL to plan, organize, and strategize in preparation for the summer catalog. We had a local casting call while I was in town and our team gathered much local talent. We were absolutely blown away by the caliber of people that attended our casting call. After returning  to Virginia, I began planning the direction in which I wanted the art to work for EEO. Jennifer Blair Photography spent a few short weeks taking some truly amazing photos before sending them to me for selection. From that point, it was a matter of combining the catalog items, photography, and copywriting into a unique design.

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If you are in need of a catalog, program, or book design please contact me here.

Eagle Eye Christmas Catalog

Creating a catalog design is more than just creating a compilation of colorful pages for consumers to flick through. The purpose of a retail catalog is to give a general idea of the product or services the company is offering. Catalogs are like the tiny books or magazines, yet are very powerful. A catalog design needs to be innovative and charismatic enough to grab the attention of potential buyers and users.

Eagle Eye Owner, Susan Anderson, asked me to help her create a vintage outdoor inspired Christmas Gift Guide to send out to her retail customers. This 24-page outdoor catalog was designed to have continuity through out the entire book. Christmas touches were added with snowflakes, holly, and the overall coloring/feel. With the help of photographer Jennifer Blair and several local models we were able to pull off some truly amazing images to display inside the catalog.

Watch for a copy to arrive in your mail box soon or you can pick up a copy in store!


Eagle Eye Catalog Magazine

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Eagle Eye Game Day Ad

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.22.34 AM Eagle Eye Outfitters, of Dothan, needed an ad for Dothan Magazines Game Day Issue. They wanted to showcase the great threads and accessories you could buy at their store to match your school colors. In this ad you can see they carry a large amount of game day dresses and Polos to go with all the local area high schools.


Eagle Eye Direct Mail for Father’s Day


This Eagle Eye Outfitters direct mail piece was created specifically for Father’s Day. It was directed to the Dad’s of the Wiregrass. Eagle Eye was having great Father’s Day deals on Patagonia, Coasta, Keen, & Columbia that they didn’t want any Father to miss out on.
Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.03.54 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.04.12 PM