I am a freelance graphic designer raised in Alabama and based in Hillsboro, OR. I enjoy working with business and individuals - and everyone in between.

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Often I work on projects of a sensitive nature – this means keeping it off the interwebs or social media until it is made public. While I would love to show you everything, my clients come first.

Eagle Eye’s 2015 Summer Catalog

Every catalog I design is unique. I choose not to employ any...

02nd Jun

Alabama Woodlands

GOOD LUCK to the Alabama Woodlands Pageant Contestants who elected me to design...

27th May
Pageant Program Ad - Alabama Woodlands Pageant - CaliEnginfer-HalfPage

Natural Photo Retouching – Kayla

I have known Kayla since she has been competing in pageants. I...

02nd Apr

Natural Retouching – Jordyn

Pageant Girls aren’t the only ones who need photogenic images retouched! Above...

27th Mar

Natural Retouching – Jaycee

  I love enhancing already stunning pictures! The beautiful photogenic face you see above...

27th Mar

Natural Photo Retouching – Ella Grace

Heather, Elle Grace’s Mom, emailed me to have her daughters new pictures retouched...

17th Feb